The client journey

Great financial choices aren’t made on a whim, and off the cuff decisions are bound to fail.

It’s why we subscribe to a strategic financial planning process, one that allows us to gain a deep understanding of you and your goals. Here’s what you can expect.


Getting to know you

Our first meeting is all about getting to know you. We’ll talk about your current financial situation, but more importantly, we’ll get to know more about what you’re trying to achieve – whether it’s your goals for retirement, saving for a big life event, or something a bit less concrete.

We will also get to know more about your risk appetite and your time horizons. The initial meeting is held at our expense.


Research & analysis

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information, we’ll start our research and the formulation of your financial strategy.

We’ll write to all relevant providers and analyse your existing plans. After researching the best options for you, we then produce a financial strategy including cash flow models.


Presenting our recommendations

We’ll meet again to present you with your financial strategy. This will be a detailed report of our recommendations, which we’ll talk through with you and explain our thinking.

At this stage, we’ll also use cashflow modelling tools to visually demonstrate potential ‘what-if’ scenarios and provide an accurate forecast of your future finances. We welcome your feedback throughout, and we can fine-tune the details together.



If you’re happy with our recommendations, we’ll agree to implement them and get the ball rolling. We’ll take care of the admin and paperwork side of things – and everything else.

We’ll keep you regularly updated on your progress, and of course we’ll be available should you have any questions or need some guidance.


Ongoing reviews

A great financial plan never sits on its laurels. We believe the best way to get the most out of your strategy is to regularly review it, which is why we recommend meeting at least once a year.

It’s a chance to examine your portfolio performance and discuss any changes in your circumstances which might cause for making adjustments.

Our approach to fees

We know that fees are an important consideration for anyone who’s thinking about getting financial advice. Every financial plan is unique, so our charges vary depending on the complexity of your situation – but what does remain the same is our attitude towards fees.

We’re a pretty straightforward, no-nonsense bunch, so our approach to fees reflects that! Regardless of the work we do for you, we commit to charging you in a way that’s fair, honest and aligns with our values.

We’ll always be open about what things are going to cost, and we’re open to discussions too – if you’re not sure about something, just ask. By approaching fees in this way, we ensure that all our clients are treated with respect.

  • Transparent

    You’ll always know in advance how much you’ll be expected to pay for our service – no hidden charges or surprises.

  • Fair

    Our fees are always dependent on the complexity and level of the work involved, making things fair for both you and us.

  • Value for money

    From one-off services to long-term support, we ensure that everyone feels the value of expert financial advice.

Let’s chat

Just give us a call or send a message to find out more about what we can do for you.

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