7 of the best board games to play with your family this winter

As the nights draw in, a game night is a great way to spend time with family. If you’re looking for some board games to add to your collection, these seven should be on your list. Whether you want to show off your movie knowledge or are looking for something a little different, there’s something for everyone.


The namesake of this game might have been replaced by Netflix, but for movie buffs, it’s a great way to show off your knowledge. While trivia is important, this game involves more than just answering questions. You could be asked to act out a scene from The Matrix or deliver a line from a famous film. You’ll need to collect two movie cards from each genre, such as animation or horror, to win. Blockbuster is simple to pick up and quick to complete. It’s a great choice for a party game when you want to get everyone involved.

2.221B Baker Street

Channel your inner detective, with this Sherlock Holmes inspired game. Each player takes on the role of detective and must work their way around London to discover hidden clues at 14 locations to answer the questions listed on the case card. Do you have the skill of deduction to crack the case before your rivals? Once you’ve got the answers, you must race back to 221B Baker Street to announce the solution. The base game includes 75 intriguing cases, with each lasting around 60 – 90 minutes, so there are hours of sleuthing to do. You can buy expansion packs for even more cases too.


Pandemic has become a popular board game this year. While Covid-19 may have had something to do with that, there are lots of reasons you’ll enjoy this game. It’s suitable for between two and four players, and rather than competing against each other, you’ll need to work together. You’ll become disease-fighting specialists as several diseases break out around the world. Each turn you’ll need to make a decision, like treating infected populaces or building a research centre. It’s a strategy game that will get you thinking, and working collaboratively.


Could you read your teammate’s mind? In this game, one you will be the “psychic” while the other must guess what they know. You’ll be given a spectrum and the teammate must guess where the bullseye is on it after receiving a clue from the psychic. For instance, you may have a hot – cold spectrum and the psychic will provide a hint so their teammate can guess where the bullseye is. It can take a few rounds to get on the same wavelength, but once you do, you’ll be winning points.

5.House of Games

Do you watch and play along with Richard Osman’s BBC Two show House of Games? If you’ve found yourself shouting out answers at the screen, this board game gives you a chance to put your knowledge to the test. You’ll need to complete some of the most popular challenges from the show, including Answer Smash and Rhyme Time. You’ll move through the different games keeping track of your points as you go through five rounds. You can either play head-to-head or create teams depending on your party size. To get you into the competitive spirit, there’s even a mini trophy.


Another game perfect for television game show fans is Taskmaster. Based on the hit show hosted by Greg Davies and Alex Horne, this board game will bring the popular show right into your home. To become the champion, you’ll need to complete a series of ludicrous tasks around the house to earn as many points as possible. Among the tasks you could be doing are making a surprising cup of tea or building a bridge in the garden. You’ll also receive a secret task to try and complete during the game, but don’t get caught. Taskmaster can be played by up to five players and guarantees to bring plenty of fun and laughter.


If you enjoy classic games like Charades or Pictionary, Hint is a great option for you. Working in teams, you’ll need to hint at the answer by drawing, miming, humming, and talking covering categories like European capitals and movie villains. You only get 90 seconds, so you’ll need to think fast and get creative to help your team score the most points. The twist with this game is that there’s a forbidden word that your team isn’t allowed to guess. You could be trying to draw a hint for “Eggheads” but if your team guesses the forbidden word “Mastermind”, you’ll miss out. As the game involves teams, it’s the perfect choice for large family gatherings and getting everyone involved.

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