Our Technology

The more we know, the better we can advise you

Attitudes to risk can be wide-ranging and tailored for different goals. Do you know, for instance, what your current level of risk is? Can it absorb major losses?  Is your current level of investment risk on track to help you achieve your lifetime goals?

These are the questions we love to answer. By working with Stratagem Wealth, you get the combination of unique technology and years of experience with people and businesses. You may seek advice for personal reasons – a pension, investment or legacy planning. Or you could be looking to grow and protect your business. Let our technology remove the uncertainty. Once we look at the data, analyse it and place it in the context of your situation, our advice is always backed by the facts.

PFP and Wrap View

‘Wraps’ and ‘platforms’ function in a similar way to an online banking space, allowing you to view your investments, pensions and ISAs in a single place. The price feeds are updated daily to give you an accurate valuation of your investments whenever you log in. Plus, it allows us to change investments or withdraw cash easily when you instruct us to. We’ve developed a Personal Finance Portal (PFP), designed for mobile viewing and secure messaging between you and our team.

Money Alive portal

Financial decisions don’t need to be complex. We’ve introduced an educational portal to help you get to grips with final salary transfers once and for all. It’s easy to use, delivering a step-by-step video guide to help you understand your final salary pension scheme options before making a choice. If you are interested in the Money Alive portal, click here to contact us.


Your personal finance situation is ready to take in thanks to CashCalc, our favoured, one-of-a-kind software. We record your assets, investments, liabilities, income and expenditure, and then project this forward into the future, using assumed rates of growth, income, inflation and interest.

Take a look at this one-minute video to see how cash flow planning can benefit you.

Distribution Technology

We embrace the use of Distribution Technology, using psychometric risk profiling to assess your level of investor experience, attitude to risk and your capacity to absorb losses for your various financial goals. 

Financial Express (FE) analytics

Stratagem Wealth’s FE tool analyses the investments you’ve made so far, their structure, and how they’ve performed against their peers. The detailed analysis available is also able to demonstrate how risks are rewarding you. We conduct tests at least once a year, ensuring we’re always on track whilst keeping pace with trends and market data.

Seeking our technical know-how for your individual finances? Perhaps you’re an owner or manager of a business, hoping to understand how you protect, grow and exit your organisation. Speak to us to start a conversation.