For Individuals

Advice that lasts a lifetime

There are many possibilities for how you may earn, invest and stay financially comfortable as the years go by. With Stratagem Financial; Planning as your long-term financial partner, you’ll have the support and advice to look confidently to the future.

Our service is individual, just like you. We can work directly with you (or through a trustee, solicitor or accountant) to help you achieve your ambitions as they evolve over time. We gauge the market, assess your appetite to risk and explore investments, showing you what’s on the horizon and helping you stay one step ahead.

Whether you’ve come to us for a pension review, to understand your inheritance tax position and pass on your legacy, or to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a death or serious illness, Stratagem Financial Planning can help. With industry-leading technology at our side, we ensure you have a hold on real-world developments, as well as a deep understanding of the options open to you.

Responsive to your needs

There are different financing strategies for every individual. Age plays a factor; as does the type of work that you’re in. As your circumstances change, and you take on more or different responsibilities – such as starting a business, business financial planning, we’ll be with you every step of the way. If you want to explore business financial planning specialised service.

Modern, patient pension advice

Our team is on hand to outline your pension freedoms, realising the potential of pension values and developing a step-by-step strategy for achieving your lifetime goals. We deal with all of the ‘what ifs?’, including what you can withdraw sustainably and how much to contribute to achieve the lifestyle you want when you retire.

Full clarity and visibility

In addition to cash flow projections, and aligned with your short and long-term financial aims, you get your very own e-portal, where real-time values can be checked at a glance from a phone, laptop or tablet. Your financial strategy is built on expert insights, backed by advanced technology and reporting.