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From protecting you and your business to exit planning, we’ve got you covered

Protecting the business that you’ve worked so hard to build, and the families that it supports, is just as important as growing it. Whatever stage you’re at, it pays to take a critical view of your finances and the people that underpin them. Stratagem Financial Planning make this simple, working alongside you to ensure that smart financial management remains at the heart of your plans.

Come to us for impartial, expert advice. Our team can help you understand the risks in the business that you have not covered, and navigate tax, profit extraction, pension pots, exit planning and more – applying our skills and technology to ensure you make decisions now that will pay dividends later.

So, the question is: When did you last benefit from an unbiased review of your business and its planning needs?

A range of specialist expertise

At Stratagem Financial Planning, we appreciate that as a business owner you are busy looking after your customers, your workforce, and ultimately the bottom line. When you meet with us, you’ll get a full rundown of your options, exploring everything from key person cover, to specialist pension advice, to group employee protection schemes. The expertise in our team ensures you get nothing but the best advice.

Benefit from industry-leading technology

Stratagem Financial Planning are more than just a personable service. We have tailored e-portals for every client, as well as the ability to compile, test and forecast the financial data you’ll rely on for great decisions. Tech is more than a novelty; it’s a central mechanism to success.

Prepare for any eventuality

Typically, business owners insure what they deem are important assets to the business such as premises, computer equipment, and potential business liabilities. But what if a key person in the business falls ill? Will it have a negative impact on crucial operational sustainability, or cause a drop in new sales revenue, technical expertise or future development and growth?

Equally, a director passing away could cause problems by leaving their shares to family members with no knowledge or beneficial contribution to your business.

Do you know how to structure purchasing the shares back and how to fund this, at a time when your bank may deem the business a greater lending risk with the loss of this shareholder and keyperson?

We can provide the solutions. Our advisors tackle the tough eventualities that life may throw up, so you’re never in the dark and everyone is cared for.

Extracting profit tax efficiently & using your pension fund to purchase your business premises

As a shareholder and director, employer funded pensions are the most tax efficient way to extract profits, with no personal income tax cost, and added Corporation Tax savings.

There is a common misconception that your pension is solely to provide for your retirement, and it has no short or medium-term benefit to you and your business. We help our business owners build up the necessary funds to purchase their commercial premises, both with and without borrowing.

As well as ownership of property, this has a number of beneficial aspects, such as:

  • the property becomes ring fenced from creditors,
  • the property can be leased back to the business thus reducing future profits for corporation tax purposes,
  • the tax free rental income helps build up your pension fund, therefore reducing the reliance on sale of the business to fund your retirement,
  • No tax on gains when you come to sell the property.

Stratagem Financial Planning will review your existing pensions and recommend a suitable plan to build your pension and help your business along its journey.